photo 1997

photo © 2007 by
Buzz Ward & Marian Rhys

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Mature female model

      Born September 1947

Classical poses

Expressive gestures

Extended sitting and reclining poses

Slow, graceful movements for photography

I love modeling and take my work seriously. I strive to work as a partner with the artist or instructor, to set the stage for creative work to emerge.

The beauty of the human body inspires me with its complexity and its simple elegance, and I am fascinated with the dynamic between the model and the artist: their interaction calls forth the artist's creative energy.

I am blessed with a body that is aging well and with the opportunity to use it in this amazing work, which I approach with an openness of body and heart.

My gratitude and appreciation go out to the artists whose work is featured on this site, and to all those I am privileged to work with.

Before scheduling me for modeling work, please review my
work philosophy and expectations .

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